Village Barber Skin Products Ltd

The Ultimate in Shaving Oil and Aftershave Balm
Village Barber Award Winning products are unique and produced using only top quality, therapeutic-grade natural oils from around the world in a synergistic blend – GUARANTEED!

Welcome to Village Barber

Premium Shaving Oil & Shaving Balm Products

Since being launched onto the International market back in 2010, Village Barber Shaving Oil & Aftershave Balm have been highly acclaimed by customers, specialists, shaving blogs & forums as well as fellow barbering professionals alike.

The natural & paraben free products are made from the very best ingredients, providing your face with the very best shave it deserves. 

Premium Shaving Balm

This Premium Aftershave Balm will fully moisturise, nourish and protect your skin, leaving it irrita...
£16.63 excl tax

Premium Shaving Oil

This Premium Shaving Oil will let you experience the smoothest, most comfortable shave ever and will...
£15.79 excl tax

Premium Shaving Oil & Balm Gift Set

The ideal gift for the more discerning gentleman!
£32.46 excl tax

Premium Shaving Travel Pack

Ideal for traveling/flying due to smaller size. Can be packed in hand luggage!
£13.29 excl tax
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